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Dear friends!

On the 14th of March an American fantasy writer Davidson L. Haworth will give a speech at MECC.
Davidson L. Haworth is a fantasy writer. Inspired by the classics of the genre like J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, Davidson is creating his own world - vivid, colorful and thoughtful. He doesn't need to re-invent the genre to write breathtaking stories, and his brilliant imagination makes his works what we love and always enjoy about fantasy.

Davidson has been writing since the age of 6, and has written many stories, as well as articles, screenplays, for movies, television, and radio.

In February 2010 Davidson L. Haworth had his fourth novel - “The Dragon of Prali” - released.

Facebook | Davidson L. Haworth Official Fan Page

Martin Cooke

(mp3, 14.5 mb, 18 min 36 sec)
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VIDEO from Men’s Day at MECC.

download part 1
download part 2
download part 3
download part 4
download part 5
download part 6
download part 7
download part 8
download part 9


New Year in English Club

New Year in Moscow and my friends
are going to night pub,
But as for me I don`t have doubts,
I`m gonna English Club.

It`s perfect place, assure you,
I visit it for years,
Right near entrance you will meet
Nice girl looks like princess.

This is Iren and don`t you try
Just come or joke so funny
She`ll say "Hello and come to me"
And smiling take your money.

One hundred rubles it`s not much
for this such magic evening,
You`ll drink champagne then tasty lunch
In our bar for living.

And this is bar, we see two girls
They`re dancing, singing, speaking
at the same time!! I`m shocked, folk
Drink beer and run to meeting.

Who can I meet? It`s unpredict,
So many peaple around
One`s from Japan, one`s from Egypt
A lot of noice and sounds.

Philip`s from Africa
He can fast answer any question,
And this is Helen, russian girl
Web-site 1mecc suggestion.

One more suprise, I hear twice
"Buogiorno" and "bambino"???
Ah..this is Dan, Italien man,
With girls from Rome (из Рима)

It`s our Club, it`s perfect place!
And atmosphere`s so friendly
Happy New Year! I wish good luck!
For you,
And meet next Wednesday!

by Victor


I could love you like a teardrop
Loves to heal your pain and heart ache
If you want me I will come completely
To your table and your bed
I could love you like tomorrow
Never come and never fade
I could love you with my body
All for ever and today
I could love you like the pattern
Traced by time on a perfect Sunday
I could be your abject play thing
Kill me kill me I don t matter
I could love you like an angel
Thrill you to the veins
like Raquel welsh with a laser beam
Through the signposted words
Formed by these spiritual letters.

by Martine Cooke

Another poem of Martin Cooke here (10.12.2006).
Martin Cooke

(mp3, 14.5 mb, 18 min 36 sec)
download mp3
download text

The closed showing of a new American film “Death of a President” took a place at Moscow English Conversation Club on 1st of December.
Below we post some information about this movie.
“Death of a President” is a fascinating and thought-provoking political thriller - using archive footage, actors, and computer effects to portray an assassination of George W. Bush and the investigation that follows, the film covers topics of civil disobedience, racial profiling, the reduction of civil liberties, sensationalism, and just-war theory. Exciting and questioning, it refashions the event into a riveting story.
Two of America's biggest cinema chains, Regal and Cinemark, refused to screen the film, and CNN and NPR would not run ads for the movie. The movie provoked angry statements from Republicans (and some Democrats), calling it irresponsible to portray the killing of the president. However, "Death of a President" was honored by The International Critics Prize Jury at the Toronto Film Festival for "the audacity with which it distorts reality, to reveal a larger truth." In addition, many critics have lauded the film.


Martin Cooke download mp3


The American professor started her class with this statement.
"All truth is relative. There is nothing we can know for sure. Therefore we ought to be tolerant of every person's viewpoint and let everyone have a say."

That sounds good to a lot of Americans but any professor who is willing to make that statement at the beginning of her class has just taken away all possibility of learning anything. As a matter of fact, that professor would be most honest by saying, "Class dismissed."

You can't know anything at all. You can't know anything for sure. Everybody's opinion is equally valid, equally reasonable, equally true. Therefore, there's nothing to learn. Let's go home.



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